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Beyond Children – Safeguarding your future

Another benefit of taking out insurance when you are younger is that insurance policies are generally guaranteed to be renewable. This means once a policy is in place, the insurer is obliged to renew it every year unless you say otherwise. So should your child develop minor health complications or an illness later in life, the insurer cannot refuse cover. Neither can they increase the premiums (called a ‘loading’). Unfortunately, many adult children delay taking out insurance until they have dependants of ... Read more


If you don’t know how to negotiate the taxation and Centrelink minefields, it can be a daunting prospect to accept a redundancy offer. But help is at hand and with professional advice you don’t have to go through it alone. To help get you started, here are six key strategies to consider: If you will be unemployed, use your existing savings, holiday pay, long service leave and tax-free redundancy payment to meet your living expenses. Any taxable portion of your redundancy ... Read more


  Concerns that the share prices of the big dividend payers had become overheated have been reduced by the better-than-expected results in the February reporting season. Some analysts had said the shares of some of the Australian share market's biggest yielders were "priced for perfection". They said the companies would need strong profit increases to justify share prices pushed higher by investors chasing yield over the past two years. Share researcher Lincoln Indicators is forecasting a gross dividend yield for the 2013-14 year ... Read more

Industry Super Costs Increase

 The fees are lower, therefore the returns higher. The latest figures from the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) show industry funds performed about 30 per cent better than retail over 10 years. It's not that they are superior money managers, they just charge lower fees. Industry funds place billions of dollars to invest with the retail funds anyway. Rather than just plonking this wholesale money in index or ''passive'' funds, a lot of it is awarded to active managers. The irony is the ... Read more

Super Cap lifted

The salary sacrificing or “concessional” cap for superannuation is to be increased to $30,000 for the 2014-15 year, from $25,000 now. The cap is the limit on how much can be salary sacrificed into super in a financial year and includes the compulsory super paid by employers. Salary sacrificing is a powerful way to save for retirement for most people as the contributions tax on super is 15 per cent compared with your marginal income tax rate. And it is taxed at a ... Read more