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Living and dying: doing it your way

Living longer is something to be celebrated. But it can be a less settling prospect if advancing age or an accident reduces your capacity to make decisions. Worse still, if you are incapacitated. It is a good reason to make provisions ahead of time to pass on some, or all, of the responsibility relating to your financial and other affairs. This might include how you want your future health, medical treatment and personal care to be managed. The following ‘tools’ are governed by different ... Read more

Planning to avoid financial mistakes

Selling shares when prices have tumbled or buying a house at the height of a property boom only to dispose of it when the market falls are among the financial set-backs that can happen to anyone on the road to retirement. Everyone makes mistakes during their investment lifetime; the trick is to avoid them when you can and learn from the ones you can’t. Have a plan Failing to plan for retirement and build up savings is one of the most common mistakes. ... Read more

Things you need to know about personal insurance

Personal insurance premiums have increased significantly over the past 18 months, running the risk that cost- conscious consumers might consider cutting back their cover. Suddenly those quick, off-the-shelf insurance products advertised on TV look enticing. But simple is not always cheaper, the cover may be inadequate or, worse still, may not pay out when you need it most.  Underinsurance Personal insurance is a general terms for term life, total and permanent disability (TPD), trauma and income protection insurance. The reality is that even those people ... Read more

End of Financial Year Checklist

Click  here for full details of - End of Financial year checklist Read more