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The 9 (bad) habits of highly ineffective investors – the common mistakes investors make

Key points > Many of the mistakes investors make are based on common sense rules of thumb that turn out to be wrong. > As investment markets are forward looking its often wise for investors to turn common sense logic on its head. > A key way to avoid many of the mistakes of investing is to have a long term investment plan that aligns your financial goals with your risk tolerance. Introduction In the upside-down world logic that applies to much of investing, there are ... Read more

Donald Trump elected President of the US. Implications for investors and Australia

Key points > Donald Trump’s election as President of the United States risks ushering in a period of policy uncertainty which could cause further share market weakness in the short term. > Australia and Asia generally are particularly exposed to this given the high trade exposure regionally. > Trump’s victory is a negative for “risk assets” like shares and the $A in the short term – but if he becomes more pragmatic as President, any short term weakness will provide a buying opportunity. Introduction After a ... Read more