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Spring Newsletter 2019

Spring Newsletter 2019 Read more

Winter Newsletter 2019

Winter Newsletter 2019 Read more

You’re Invited | Annual Market Update

#WaterfordFinancialServices #2018AnnualMarketUpdate #8Nov2018 #ApolloCharlestown Read more

Spring Newsletter 2018

Spring Newsletter 2018 Read more

Invitation | Outsmart The Tax Man/ Budget 2018

#OutsmartTheTaxMan #Budget2018 #Newcastle #HamiltonAccountants #HamiltonFinancialServices #Seminar #Wednesday13June #Noah’sOnTheBeach Read more

Market Update by James Gerrish

James Gerrish of Shaw and Partners has provided commentary on what is happening in the market and says the Markets were hit hard but they will bounce! Another massive day for Aussie stocks and the busiest we’ve had on the desk for a few years courtesy of a big drop in the US market overnight plus we had follow through selling via US Futures today while Asia was a sea of red – the Nikkei off 5%, stocks down 3.35% in Hong Kong, while ... Read more

The 9 (bad) habits of highly ineffective investors – the common mistakes investors make

Key points > Many of the mistakes investors make are based on common sense rules of thumb that turn out to be wrong. > As investment markets are forward looking its often wise for investors to turn common sense logic on its head. > A key way to avoid many of the mistakes of investing is to have a long term investment plan that aligns your financial goals with your risk tolerance. Introduction In the upside-down world logic that applies to much of investing, there are ... Read more

Donald Trump elected President of the US. Implications for investors and Australia

Key points > Donald Trump’s election as President of the United States risks ushering in a period of policy uncertainty which could cause further share market weakness in the short term. > Australia and Asia generally are particularly exposed to this given the high trade exposure regionally. > Trump’s victory is a negative for “risk assets” like shares and the $A in the short term – but if he becomes more pragmatic as President, any short term weakness will provide a buying opportunity. Introduction After a ... Read more

Market Watch

In brief What to expect in 2016? Is it time to go back to basics? Key strategies to help achieve real returns Part 3 of the ESG series: Unconventional gas and a low carbon economy What to expect in 2016? DR SHANE OLIVER Head of Investment Strategy and Chief Economist Multi-Asset Group As 2015 has come to a close, it's now time when investors typically reflect on their positions – perhaps learning from market and subsequent investment performance throughout the year – and strategise for the New Year. Have ... Read more

How to make working later in life work for you

The relationship between work and retirement is changing. Nowadays we expect a lot more from our later years than previous generations - we're no longer satisfied with treading water and we want to go freestyle.  But with the pension qualification age increasing1,  people living longer2 and concerns about whether we have enough money in our super, we may have to work longer to generate enough income to maintain our lifestyle and enjoy a comfortable retirement3.  For an increasing number of Australians working longer in ... Read more
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